Monday, February 26, 2007


It’s nice when you can come to work Monday morning, send a friend an email describing your weekend and then just copy and paste that email into a blog entry.

I had a lot of plans for the weekend – most of which were cancelled due to snow, or should I say the threat of snow.

Friday night, right before going to bed, the weather forecast called for 2-5” of snow in the morning. Since my parents were flying out for a cruise in the morning, they were all worried. Saturday morning we woke to no more than a quarter inch of snow, so they were able to get out okay.

Later in the day Saturday and into Sunday the snow got worse. I had plans to drive 90 minutes to Wisconsin to meet some friends – those plans were cancelled. Reports of spinouts and accidents even “forced” me to stay away from a 30th birthday party in St. Paul. I guess I’ll just have to catch the 40th!

I’ve heard reports of 8"-15" across the metro. And it sounds like it’s supposed to snow/rain off-and-on all week long.

After dropping my folks off at the airport, I decided to get my run in since the conditions weren’t too bad. I guess I’m not used to doing a hill workout on Friday because my legs were trashed. I doubt I was running faster than 9:00 pace. I cut my 8 mile loop short and finished with 6 miles. In the afternoon I hopped on the treadmill for 5 more miles. This time my legs felt much better. That means I finished the week with 66 miles.

One thing I need to focus on is the positives. There have been some weeks where I haven’t hit the mileage I’ve wanted. However, if I look at my logbook since recovering from Chicago, I’ve been between 49 and 90 miles. That’s a stretch of 16 weeks where I’ve averaged just over 70 mpw. For me, that’s pretty solid.

With all the snow, Sunday was a treadmill day. I ran 11 miles and threw in two sets of 3 miles at marathon pace, with a two minute jog in-between. This run made me realize that my cold from last week still lingers a little.

Finally, I’ll close with another interview.

Quote of the day;

“I focused less on the outcome of each race and more on the pure joy of running and the process of training. By that I mean I really focused on making sure my training was going well and I was hitting my key workouts. I also reconciled that I was not going to PR at every race. I focused on doing well at a few races per year. Once I started doing all of that the results took care of themselves. I had not set a PR between 2000 and 2004. I have set all of my PRs since 2004.” - Tony Kocanda


Mike said...

Hey Chad- your 16 week ave is pretty solid in my book too!

Re: the zipps, I just sold my 404's on Ebay for $600..they were 2004's in great condition with only about 400-500 miles total on them. If your wheels are in good shape and 700c, they should sell for more..i think i was limited by my 650c wheel size. But before you sell, check out the MSRP of new zipps (thru the roof) and really think about whether you will be racing triathlons in the future. It'd cost a mint to replace those wheels down the line!

Chad said...

Thanks for the info, Mike. They're 650c, so it doesn't sound like that will help matters.

I remember selling a pair of roller skis and then wishing I hadn't sold them. I made a pact to never sell "gear" again, but it's tough when these are just sitting there.