Friday, February 23, 2007


I’m starting to feel a little better. Yesterday I ended up running two easy 6 mile runs. This morning my legs were feeling really good, so I decided to throw in a hill workout. Lately, I’ve worked up to 2 sets of 4 hill repeats with about a 10 minute jog in between. Today I thought about doing 2 sets of 5, but after the 5th rep I decided just to keep doing repeats. I ended up with a total of 8 repeats during the 10 mile run.

It was nice to get in that workout because we’re supposed to get dumped on with snow – starting tonight. Who knows what the footing is going to be like for awhile? It’s hard to do a hill workout when you’re battling a foot of snow – unless you’re Rocky Balboa.

Anyway, I’ve heard reports of “The largest storm of the year” and “The largest storm in 8 years.” I don’t know about you, but when “the year” is only 7-8 weeks old, hype like, “The largest storm of the year” doesn’t really mean that much. Now, “The largest storm in 8 years” means something! We’ll see…my parents are supposed to fly out tomorrow morning. Let’s hope they make it out – otherwise they’ll be stuck at our house.

Here’s an interview that I wasn’t sure if I’d get back or not. I submitted it to the team’s admin rep about 6 weeks ago. Without any direct contact with the athlete, you never know what will happen. I’m happy that I got it back. Hopefully the other two I submitted will get back to me too.

Quote of the day;

“It is quite the paradox to be a runner that hates pain, but is most successful at the events that cause the most pain.” - Emily Brown

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MB said...

How about a snow report? Hope all is okay.