Friday, February 16, 2007


Pat, pat…

That sound you hear is me patting myself on the back.

I was hoping to get in 10 miles last night – preferably as an up-tempo workout. I ended up getting in 12 miles with 9 of them at 6:46 pace.

As a result, I rewarded myself by sleeping in this morning. I laid out my clothes and said if I was wide awake, I get my run in. If not, I’d sleep-in and run tonight.

I slept in.

While the interviews I’ve been doing have been entertaining, I also try to get more out of them than just that. Last night I was thinking about Joey’s comments regarding cutting his mileage, but focusing on his workouts;

I was mostly in the 50-60 mile-per-week range. Notable was the fact that almost every workout I did was a home run. I may not have been running much volume, but I was fresh enough to attack each workout with vengeance.

While I wouldn’t quite say I attacked this workout with vengeance, I was pretty excited to get it going. Prior to the half marathon, 6 miles at 6:48 pace was my best up-tempo workout this year. So I’m pretty happy with 9 miles at 6:46 pace. A workout like that will erase all negative thoughts regarding not doing any up-tempo runs in the two-and-a-half weeks since the half marathon. If nothing else, the extra rest was probably a good thing. Besides, I’ve run three solid hill workouts in that timeframe, so it’s not like I’ve been sitting on my ass.

Finally, I’ve been meaning to post that Kristen Nicolini has updated her journal.

Quote of the day;

“I’m a believer in evidence-based results. You either run a particular time for a particular distance, or you don’t. There’s no “I’m in shape for a 2:19 marathon”. You either do it, or you’re not in that kind of shape.”– Joey Keillor


Evan Roberts said...

You're in great shape. It's only February. Please don't do downhill repeats on the road again in April.

Chad said...

Hey, Daws "told" me to do that.

Mike said...

Great run, it shows you've really gained some fitness.