Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Maybe a 20 mile run and 85 mile week weren’t the wisest things do to when I felt a cold coming on. But, you know, “I gotta get my miles in.” I set my alarm for 5:15, but this morning I figured another hour sleep would be better for me. That turned into 30 minutes, as my sick kids decided to crawl into bed too.

Normally, if I’m sick, I feel my best when I’m out running. It really clear things out and is usually the best I’ll breathe all day. Maybe I’ll hop on the treadmill tonight. I guess I’ll just play it by ear.

In any case, I don’t have much to report, so I’ll leave you with another interview. It’s a little more unique that the other ones I’ve done.

Quote of the day;

"Yeah, I can get a little anxious before her races. I think it’s a combination of knowing how hard she’s worked, the importance of every race in this sport and just knowing that she has the talent to win every time she steps to the line." - Charlie Peterson


Mike said...

Hey Chad..thanks for stopping by..I guess my mary time was about all I can squeeze out of 50-70 mpw...I really need to give it a go with some "serious miles" at some point!

Get better dude!

Anonymous said...

It's tough running with a cold; been fighting a sore throat and fever, yet I still want to get in my workouts.

Some days it seems to help, some days it makes it worse, but I figure it's better than lying on the couch doing nothing.

Putting a big fat "zero" in my log makes me feel really bad!