Thursday, February 15, 2007


This week’s rolling right along. Yesterday was an easy 6 mile run. That put me at 45 miles with 3 days left. I guess my mini-slump is over. Then again the real test is tonight. I ran 5 miles this morning, but have an up-tempo run planned for tonight. Getting in 10 miles would set me up for 80+. But I said that last week around this time, so we’ll see.

Lately I’ve kept telling myself that THIS will be the last sub-zero run of the winter. If I can believe the forecast, it looks like that may actually be the case, tomorrow. Heck, even if we have a cold snap later, I wouldn’t mind. I just want THIS one to be done with.

Last night I posted a new interview. I “joke” about having favorite male and female runners. This project definitely makes that difficult. Every time I interview someone, they become my new favorite. This one is no different.

Eric should be thanked for tying Joey to one of my previous interviews, which kind of got the ball rolling for this interview.

Quote of the day;

“Knowing nothing about distance running, the splits were meaningless to me. What I felt, though, was my pounding heart, flaming lungs and burning muscles and a sense that I could compose myself and keep that discomfort under control — and still push myself to go faster. It was a great feeling…riding the line at the edge of disaster.”Joey Keillor


MB said...

slumps are tough to get over, wtg. Nice quote as I reminisce of my younger days setting endless PRs. Gotta get that feeling back.

Eric said...

Nine above here this morning. That's a slumpbuster! The weather is finally turning around.

Excellent interview with Joey. He's very quotable, to say the least. Thanks for tracking him down.