Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had doubts surrounding 2:55 at Chicago. Some things I look at give me positive feedback – like the guy I mentioned yesterday running a 1:01:30. Another guy I beat by a minute in the “10K” ran 1:02:40 (which calculates to a 2:55) at the 10 miler. Other things give me negative feedback – like watching super strong runners walking at TCM. Even workouts like this morning’s leave me wondering.

The workout was 11 miles with 2 x 3 miles at marathon pace with a 1 mile jog in-between. I knew where my start and end points were, but since it was pitch-black I couldn’t see my ½ marks – so I just ran. I tried to stay relaxed and pay attention to my stride rate and breathing. I think I did a pretty good job with that – except for the damn kid’s song that was playing over-and-over in my head. At least it was a catchy tune and not some Barney crap.

Anyway, the first rep took 21:03, while the second took 20:43. Given that my goal pace is 6:40, running 7:01 pace and 6:54 pace is a little disheartening.

Of course I try to rationalize the situation. It’s very early in the morning, it’s dark, it’s breezy, the course is rolling and winding, I’m not rested, I’m wearing my trainers, etc.

It’s workouts like these that make me question other bloggers who run 7:30 pace every day and then run their marathon at 8:00 pace.

The good news is that this morning my legs felt the best they’ve felt in a long time – pain-wise (not springy, fresh-wise). I’ve had this dull ache that’s been running up the back of my left leg. Today it wasn’t there. The heel is fine too. So basically, “the sock” rocks!!! I’ve also stopped running in my lightweight trainers and that’s probably helped a little.

You know you don’t find many special interest stories here – since you know I’m an "elitist". But the story Scott sent me is a special interest story of a fast local guy. The guy happened to finish right in front of Scott in the 10 miler. I’m not sure how he’s going to run 6:09s at Chicago when he “only” ran 6:19 on Sunday, but I wish him luck.

Speaking of “elites” Andrew just PR’d by 6 minutes and ran his first (of many) sub-3.

There are some TCM photos here, including a nice one of Sara Wells, (of course blogger won't let me upload it) and here. I’m sure more will follow, especially from that first site.

Quote of the day;
“If the Lord had meant for man to run, he’d have given him four legs or at least made him late for the bus.” – Red Smith, sportswriter


Lance Notstrong said...

Cool pics!!! Female athletes are sooooo hot!!!

Thomas said...

I know all about having a kids' tune stuck in your head. I once ran 13 miles to Postman Pat going round and round in my brain; it nearly drove me mental. I guess it's one of the natural hazards you face as a running parent.

Chad said...

Lance, you won't get an argument here.

Thomas, at least some of the songs my girls little to are "catchy." However, something about "doing the moster wiggle" going through your head while you're trying to maintain marathon pace just isn't right.