Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Normally I just respond to comments with another comment. This time I’ll create a new post to answer them and clarify things.

First off, I don’t want to diminish any of those kids performances at the state meet. I hope they’re all proud of their accomplishment. I’m just saying that Sal ran a couple of great races and set huge PRs, is it really going to matter to her whether 3 people are on the podium or 9? At least with the distance races, you still have to finish, roughly, in the top half of the field to make the podium. What about the sprinters? Do you think the guy that finished 8th wants to appear on a podium with 9 places?

And medals to the top-9? WTF? Why stop at 9? What’s the logic behind that? I’m scared that this is a snapshot into future Olympics. There will placing 9-deep. We’ll have to come up with other kinds of medals, like copper, brass, aluminum, lead, etc. How’d you like to be on the committee? “No, I think 8th place should get brass, not copper.”

Yeah Thomas, good points on the marathon and scenery. Plus, I have yet to come across a blog where the person said “I’m doing a marathon and I don’t care about my time.” Even those that just want to finish probably have a time in the back of their head – even if they haven’t shared it with anyone.

Justin, if there’s anything I’ve learned in the last 2 months with this injury, its go see the doctor earlier rather than later. If it’s “nothing” then what are you out? A co-pay. It’s worth it. This whole “feeling better” followed by “flaring up” routine will drive you crazy. Oh yeah, if you're in college, have you thought about going to see an on-campus athletic trainer? Even if you're not part of a team, I'd bet they'd be willing to examine you. It's worth a shot.

Brent, I sent you an email. If you drive up to Duluth the morning of the race you’re probably better off parking west of Superior street and walking to Superior street or the finish area. Don’t bother trying to park near the D.E.C.C. or finishing area.

Richard, I never really describe my ART appointment, did I? Well since I hadn’t run for 2.5 weeks prior to the appointment, I didn’t really have an exact place where the pain was occurring. I described all the different places I’ve had pain (shin, knee, quad, calf, butt, etc.) recently.

When he checked out the different areas, he’d “lock” the muscle in place and then I’d contract those muscles. I know that’s not the best explanation, but it’s the best I have. For the most part it wasn’t painful – except for the rubbing of the skin – but there were a few places in my calf that stood out. He also checked the flexibility (or lack of) in my hamstrings and watched me run a little.

The examination probably lasted 60-75 minutes. In the end, he gave me 3 stretches – two are for the calf (upper and lower) and the other is for the hamstring. Basically you hold the stretch for 2 seconds and release for a moment and then stretch again. Repeat that for 2 sets of 10 reps – twice a day. He also showed me how to foam roll my calves, ITB and Quads. It’s still early, but I’m feeling a little better – I’d estimate that I’m at 75%. I go back tomorrow for a follow-up appointment.

I decided to head back to practice last night and run with the team. Nothing too exciting to report – 58 minutes of easy running. It was kind of tough listening to everyone talk about Grandma’s this weekend. Secretly, (or not so secretly now) I’m hoping for 80 degrees, sunny and a 15-20 mph headwind.

Quote of the day:
"Just remember this: No one ever won the olive wreath with an impressive training diary." - Marty Liquori


Justin said...

You know what, the athletic trainer thing is a great idea. Not sure why I never thought about that...we'll see what I can do.

And if your weather is gonna be anything like ours this weekend, I hear it's supposed to be in the low 90' maybe you'll get what you wanted and then some for the marathon!

SRR said...

HNT = Half Naked Tuesday's. Originally it came from the gay blogging community and it is HNThursday's! Does that help?

Chad said...

Justin, yeah I'm sure MSU has a HUGE dept. of athletic trainers. Hopefully they'll be willing to see you.

I was kidding about the weather. Of course I'd like to see it be overcast, 50 degrees with a tailwind. I was just being a little bitter about not being able to run.

RR, thanks for the info. I guess I'm not up-to-date on the gay blogging community. So many blogs, so little time...

Beanie said...

you know what? i think i'm going to have to disagree. one thing that seperates the NYC competitive running world from the UK is that there are SO many levels of awards given out here. My mum had a good laugh at the fact there are awards given 3-deep for over 10 age groups some times. So, essentially - it goes far beyond 9th place every time. And you know what? I LOVE it. I think it's the most motivating, exciting thing to win an award, no matter how little it actually symbolizes. 'Everyone's a winner' is a very american concept,and I think it works beautifully to motivate and thrill. Ask yourself this: what harm does it do? It doesn't belittle the achieviements of the true winners, does it?

Chad said...

"I think it's the most motivating, exciting thing to win an award, no matter how little it actually symbolizes."

Wouldn't it mean more if you actually had to work for it? "Hey, why should I train hard when I can half-ass it and still get an award."

"What harm does it do? It doesn't belittle the achieviements of the true winners, does it?"

No it doesn't belittle the true winners, but it belittles what it means to win an award. Like the villian said in The Incredibles; when everyone is "super" then no one will be. Well, when everyone is a "winner" then no one will be.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, as an athletic trainer (and one that graduated from MSU, GO STATE!!), i can tell you that as a regular student, you cannot just walk into the athletic training room to get looked at. Some schools have athletic trainers available through the club/rec department, and MSU may have implemented one since i have left. But theres no way you can walk into Duffy or Jenison and just get seen, unless you become buddy buddy with one of the students or GAs. Im only saying this to save you from getting weird dirty looks if and when you would walk in. However, Im VERY happy to see that there are people out there who recognize what athletic trainers can do, and dont just see us as "personal trainers". Thanks guys!!!!