Tuesday, June 06, 2006


One more thing about baseball I forgot to post on Friday. This is a sport where they’re knocking the crap out of a leather sphere with a wooden bat. Do they really need to replace the ball any time it touches the dirt? For example, when a pitch hits the dirt, they’ll exchange the ball. I hope some bat boy just dusts the ball off and puts it back into the rotation.

And here’s another name to add to the list too. It’s a local DJ’s name, so I’m sure it’s made up; Andy Ditter – And he did her.

My list of running heroes the other day was mainly referring to people I admired while I was growing up. I should definitely throw my dad into that mix along with a bunch of runners from my home town. Plus there were fairly local guys that would come to all the races and clean up; Dan Conway, George Welk and Todd Sperling. In college there were guys like Bob Kempainen, Dan Held, Bob Kennedy, Todd Williams, Suzy Favor Hamilton, Carrie Tollefson, etc. Of course, that list continues to grow with each passing day.

Anyone out there know anything about Active Release Therapy (ART)? I went to a 1-hour seminar on Saturday at one of the local running stores. It was really interesting and informative. From what I found on letsrun.com, most people had only positive things to say. I’d love to hear if any bloggers have experience with this.

I have a new favorite movie comedy – Wedding Crashers. I watched it last night and really liked it. I was afraid it’d be corny and over-the-top but it wasn’t. I really liked the interaction between Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

Finally, the other day I was trying to figure out what would be worse, being in The Wiggles or The Doodlebops. I still haven’t come up with an answer. If you don’t know who these groups are, consider yourself VERY lucky. My new idea for a reality TV show would be similar to American Idol; however the winner would join one of these groups.

Quote of the day:
“Listen to your body. Do not be a blind and deaf tenant.” – Dr. George Sheehan


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should get satellite and watch cricket. Seriously. You have to use the same ball through the entirety of each innings, and the umpires will penalize players that engage in time wasting nonsense like obsessively adjusting their gloves ...

Bart said...

In Major League Baseball they take the ball out of play when it hits the dirt because an experienced pitcher can make a scuffed ball curve more. The weird thing is that they don't take batted balls out of play. Someone can hit a ball off the wall, it can be kicked around the outfield, thrown so that it bounces in the infield, and the pitcher will be allowed to use it for the next batter.

pjm said...

ART works well for the stuff it's good for. I had ART for ITBS, and it was great. I tried it for plantar fasciitis... nothing. So it depends on the problem.

Chad said...

Evan, I need to learn more about cricket. With the clips I see on T.V., I don't know how those guys can hit the ball.

Bart, that's exactly what I'm getting at; not taking balls out of play after being knocked around and scuffed up, yet taking them out after the pitcher throws them into the dirt. Maybe it's to keep pitchers from doing that on purpose.

Parker, thanks for the info. This guy seemed to think it'd work on PF too, but I suppose every one and every injury is different.

Chad said...

Susan, the only "fun" thing about watching the Doodlebops is that the camera keeps flashing to the crowd to show the kids dancing. Instead of looking at the kids, I look for the most bored parent. Their expression are priceless.

Justin said...

Hey man, in response to your comments on my blog, I'm gonna see how everything feels this weekend, then I'll make a decision and go from there. As for the girl, she's in Europe for the next couple weeks but she said she'd like to run with me, assuming I'm healthy.

Chad said...

Justin, sounds good. Try not to let it keep nagging you.

As for the gal, to me it sounds like she's interested. Maybe she's worth running with - even if you're injured.