Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Here are some photos I took from the Garry Bjorklund half marathon and Grandma's marathon. First is a picture of Desiree Budd. The women's winner of the half in 1:15:33. This is the gal that placed 5th in May at the U.S. 25K championships at River Bank - beating Jenna by 3 minutes. She wants to focus on the 10k, but Jenna is trying to convince her to give the marathon a try. Given her recent 25k and half results, I'll be surprised if she doesn't take Jenna's advice.

Here is "Super Jim." As I told him last week, if I had a body like that, I'd go shirtless too.

Below is Michael Reneau leading the chase pack. He went on to finish 8th in 2:20:20. Next to that photo is Jason Finch. Jason was a freshman at UW-Eau Claire when I was a senior. Although he DNF'd this year, he ran 2:23 last year, so he'll be back. Michael, Jason as well as 6-time Bjorklund half marathon winner and OT qualifier, Ryan Meissen, are from my wife's hometown of about 10,000 people. Pretty amazing.

Here are Derek and Dave. Dave ran for the U of Minnesota when guys like Garry Bjorklund and Steve Plascencia were there and he has some great stories. There's nothing like talking to someone who "wasn't very fast" as he 'only' ran about 4:05 for the mile. Slowpoke!!!


Susan said...

What a cool idea to take your bike!

Ok, I should know this, but what's an OT qualifier?

Chad said...

Olympic (marathon) Trials qualifing time.