Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Here are the last of the photos I'm going to post. On the left is Scott, who I ran with at UW-Eau Claire and still train with every now and then. On the right is Super Jim's Lex Luther, Jared Mondry. Jared won the 60-64 age group in 3:04:22 or 7 minutes slower than his age group winning time from 2005.

Here is fellow training partner Joyce at the 22-mile mark. Congrats to my other training partners that I haven't mentioned yet. Kevin ran 3:26, Mike ran 3:34, and Noreen ran her first marathon in 4:38. Also another UW-EC teammate, Casey, ran 3:32. And a huge congrats to Don Wright, one of Jim's friends who won the 65-69 age group in 3:43.

If you're looking for the Fountain of Youth, you may want to check out Lake Elmo, MN. That's the home of Jim and Don as well as Norm, 2nd in the 60-64 age-group with a 3:23

This last one is for Duncan because he likes shit like this. Scooby Doo ran 3:41. Of course he was written up in the paper, so we're only encouraging him. In addition to Scooby, also written up were the 4 guys that dressed as Grandmas, 2 buddies who wore Hawaiian shirts, a family that was on the Amazing Race and the guy that unpacked his shoes only to find a note from his kids stuck too them. Yeah, that's good stuff - really worth writing about - especially those guys in the Hawaiian shirts. Simply amazing!!!


Duncan Larkin said...

Missing from Grandmas (at least from your pics) apparently were: the jogglers, the naked guy, the joker, the Runner's World Forest Gump crazy guy with the waiter's tray and the champagne bottle, the Penguin, the Piper, the Pooper(TM), the pig ears, Elvis, Che Guevara, Mr. Kung Fu, and Scrrrrrapy too!

SRR said...

I'm liking the Scooby-doo! How fun!