Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Yes, I’ve been averaging about 8 miles a day and no, it’s not enough. But the title doesn’t have anything to do with running.

Today is my 8th anniversary. So happy anniversary to my lovely, sweet, beautiful, kind, caring wife. Hard to believe we’ve been together for 11 years now. Sorry ladies, I know it’s upsetting – but you have to move on.

Earlier this spring I was doing some yard work and by the time I was done, I no longer had my wedding band on. I figure it slipped off as I was throwing a bunch of brush away. It probably didn’t help that I’m about 10 pounds lighter than when we got married. I guess it could be worse. One of my friends lost his ring at a bachelor party. Good thing we were playing paintball at the time and not hanging out with a bunch of strippers. Anyway, I’ve been walking around all spring without a wedding ring, waiting for all these hot babes to come and hit on me. It’s not working.

Ah, just like high school all over.

No running to report for the day – yet. Even though it’s our anniversary, I’m “allowed” to run with my group tonight. We’ll celebrate on Friday.

Yesterday we bit the bullet and bought airline tickets to Chicago. We thought about either driving or taking Amtrack, but with the girls coming, we didn’t want the trip to take 8 hours and have to battle traffic. I also planted the seed regarding Boston in 2008. I’d love to watch the women’s Olympic Marathon Trials on Sunday and then run Boston on Monday. Heck, I’d like to watch the men in NYC too, but I doubt that will happen.
Quote of the day:
"Once upon a time...happily ever after." - From the Snoopy card I bought Amy


Bart said...

Happy Anniversary!

I lost my wedding ring once. Fortunately for me, my wife was with me when it happened, so no explaining to do for me.

SRR said...

Hey there! My anniversary is tomorrow! Happy Anniversary to you both! You make a beautiful couple!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

Ryan said...

Glad to see the comeback is in progress. 40 miles on 5 days in your 2nd week back? Wow. Did I gather you're running Chicago? Or what is the trip to Chicago about? Thanks for the tip on the strides. Maybe I'm misinterpreting what these things are for, because I am cranking out the 100m at 6 min pace. Thought it would help me prep for speed work to come?

Trisaratops said...

Awwwww! So cute! Happy anniversary!

Thomas said...

Your wife didn't force you to replace the wedding ring at once? I know mine would.

Chad said...

Thanks everyone. Just so you know we don't usually go around wearing tuxes and fancy dresses.

Ryan, considering I was in the 85-100 mpw range all winter, I don't think 40 mpw is a lot. And yes, I'm signed up for Chicago. Yeah, I'd say the strides are prep work, but not actual speed work, like you stated in your post. You should be able to do a long run the day afterwards.

Thomas, she's asked me twice what I'm going to do about my ring and I never really gave her an answer. I figure if she ask 3 times, that means I need to get a new one.

Lance Notstrong said...

If she "lets" you run on the anniversary, you ARE a lucky man!!!

D said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your wife. She is pretty awesome to let you run on your anniversary! Coming back from an injury conservatively is smart to avoid re-injury don't you think?

Chad said...

Lance, even if she didn't "let" me run on my anniversary, I'd be a lucky man.

DGC, I think your question is rhetorical, but I'll answer anyway. Of course. Also, "conservatively" may mean different things to different people.