Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Okay, enough about the high school kids and all the 6-pack abs on Team USA Minnesota. Where am I at and/or where am I going?

This is my second week "back". Last week I ran 53 miles and this week I'm shooting for 56-60 miles. I'm trying to follow Daws' advice of keeping my daily efforts the same. To do that I keep my mileage in a narrow range, like 7-9 miles per day and keep the effort easy to moderate. Again, the idea is to get comfortable with the mileage before adding in hard/easy days and long runs.

Yesterday I ran 9 miles around 8:20 pace. I took my 2-mile splits during the last 8 miles just to see what was happening. It turns out I start out really slow, 8:40 pace for the first 2 miles. Then it looks like I drop to 8:20 pace, then 8:00 pace before finishing at 8:15 pace. What does it all mean? I don't know; it just takes up space in a blog entry. Actually it makes me think I need more "no watch" runs at this point in my training.

Today I ran 8 miles. As I mentioned last week, I decided to add some hills a couple times during the work-week. Today I added 4 "hills" at the end of my run. I'm almost ashamed to call them hills, but they're the best I've found for my current running situation.

Random thoughts:

Is there a worse vegetable than brussel sprouts?

How come you don't see more Subaru Bajas on the road?

There were 300+ high school kids that ran sub-6:00 pace 5Ks at the state meet (not including the kids that didn't qualify). That kind of time will place you near the front of most local 5Ks. What happens to all these kids?


Beanie said...

Whoa there - don't be dissing on the brussel sprouts! Sure, they made me vomit once as a child, but as a mature adult I now feel strongly that Christmas/TG dinner just would not be the same without them :->

Chad said...

Oh I eat them because "veggies are good for you" but they have to be at the bottom of my list.

When I was a kid we'd get them fresh out of my parent's garden and I still didn't like them.

E-Speed said...

Brussel sprouts are definitely the worst! That is one veggie I will not be tempted to try ever again! (I love almost all vegetables) My favorite food period is spinach.

Chad said...

Cooked spinach or raw - like in a salad?

Bart said...

I like brussel sprouts okay, but my wife will never cook them because she hates them. I like raw spinach, but cannot stand cooked spinach. I also cannot stand peas. My favorite veggies are carrots and cauliflower.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

I run without a watch most of the time. It helps.
Subaru Baja is an acquired taste...this from a guy who drives an Element.