Sunday, November 06, 2005


I was pretty excited about dropping a couple of names in this post but then I read Alison’s recent post and I knew I couldn’t compete. But I’ll still tell my story.

As I started walking the mile from the parking lot to the course yesterday at the state meet I saw a group of people, including Dana Coons and Matt Gabrielson of Team Minnesota fame. While the thought I just walking behind Dana was very inviting, I got up the courage to talk to her. Since she just ran her first marathon 5 weeks ago, it was easy to come up with at topic. She’s still in recovery mode which doesn’t surprise me. She was very nice and we probably spoke for 5 minutes or so. We didn’t get around to exchanging phone numbers or email addresses – yet.

Today’s run was a family affair. First I took Bailey for a mile and then I pushed Kinsey in the stroller for 5 miles. When we got back Katie was just waking up, so I threw her in the stroller and went another 2 miles. It was nice to take Katie last since she’s so much lighter than Kinsey. I can’t imagine trying to push them both at the same time.


brent said...

is she hot in person? i can't tell from her pictures. heh just kidding you don't have to answer that.

Chad said...

Brent, I'm sure she's reading my blog, so I have to be careful. :-)

She's very cute and, like I posted, she's very nice. Plus she has great abs. I should have asked her for her secret.

Thomas said...

Susan, maybe it's not the eating plan but all the running she does

Chad said...

Ab City

Rich said...

They should be on the cover of Runners World! Anyone from RW listening out there?!

I must say the girls look much more with it than the guys - who look like they just rolled out of bed for the shot.