Saturday, November 19, 2005


Ever have one of those days running where you feel great? You charge up every hill and never get out of breath. When I took Bailey for or evening walk/jog tonight, this is how I felt. Up until that point I was almost talking myself out of running, but the way I felt running with Bailey, I knew I had to run later in the evening.

It was a nice evening and I had thoughts of hitting the golf course near my with my head lamp. However, I got sucked into a 2 hour episode of Law and Order. I figured I’d let my dinner settle for an hour before hitting the treadmill. It wouldn’t be as fun as a night time run on a golf course, but at least I get in a run.

1 minute into the run and my treadmill stops while it emits a high-pitched alarm. I shut it off and restart it. This time I make it 4 more minutes before it stops again. If you’ve ever run on a treadmill before, the last thing you want it to do is stop – without warning. After nearly breaking my lower back, I decide not to take anymore chances. No, I didn’t decide to hit the golf course after all and no, I didn’t decide to take the day off after all. I saw my bike sitting on my trainer and decided to do a little cross training by riding for an hour.

I’m happy to say that I didn’t let not getting my run in bother me either. I don’t have plans to “make up” that mileage either. This was a cutback week, so I don’t think there’s any real difference between 35 miles (with a bike ride) and 43 miles. The main thing is to be fresh as I attempt to increase my mileage the next 3 weeks.

Finally, happy 66th birthday to my dad.

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