Thursday, November 03, 2005


As I was typing yesterday’s post last night, my computer re-booted itself. Of course I was on the last paragraph and I ended up losing everything. Rather than re-typing it, I went to bed. This is the same computer that won’t read the software for our digital camera. We have to take the camera in, get prints made and then scan them into the computer. So I should have Halloween pictures back by Thanksgiving.

Here’s a quick recap of the post I lost. I’m still working on my header. I’m not sure why the image got squished. I have some theories that I’m going to explore tonight.

Yesterday I ran 7 miles in the morning at 8:25 pace. Towards the end my legs were really heavy and I was beginning to think that maybe I’m doing too much after having 10 days off. I made a mental note to really pay attention to my next run and be prepared to cut back on the pace and/or distance.

Well, 24 hours later I felt great. I started easy and after awhile it felt like I was moving faster than normal, however, my breathing was still very relaxed. As I got closer to my turn-around point I looked at my watch and figured I could get in another mile and still make it to work on time. I ended up running 9 miles with the last 8 just under 8:10 pace – the last 4 of that were sub-8 pace.


UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

The all too familiar 'can-I-squeeze-another-mile-in-before-work' scenario.

Those pesky little jobs we must have - always getting in the way.

Unknown said...

Nice run! I really like your new header. I could use a nice road like that to run on.

Thomas said...

Every time I check you blog, your header has changed! But you're definitely getting there.

Chad said...

Glad to hear everyone likes the new header - especially since Susan put in so much work. Now I can never change it. :-)