Sunday, November 20, 2005


First off, congrats to Evan, Duncan, and Seebo for their outstanding performances at the Philly Marathon. While Evan and Seebo didn’t quite achieve their goal time, they PR’d by over 4 and 3 minutes, respectively. Duncan didn’t PR. However, when you’ve done 9 marathons in 12 months (especially with his times) I think coming with 4 minutes of your PR is a very solid effort.

While I missed my opportunity to run on the golf course yesterday, I made up for it today. This afternoon I headed out the door with the thought of getting in 10 miles (9 of which would be on the golf course). This golf course is very rolling, so it’d be a great change of pace from my weekly runs.

Have you ever noticed the difference between running a 10 mile loop and just wandering around for 10 miles? After running around the golf course for a “long” time I started to calculate how far I thought I had run. I was positive I’d run at least 7 miles. But when I looked at my watch, I’d only be out there for 49 minutes – roughly 6 miles. That’s a kick to the psyche.

This is the same golf course that Evan and I watch the USATF MN X-C meet on last weekend. Since I still had 4 miles to go I decided to run the 5k course. I made one of the 2.5k loops in 13:30 – another kick to the psyche – before deciding that I had enough of the golf course for one day. I ran around the neighborhood for the rest of my run.

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