Monday, November 28, 2005


Okay, now that I’m back in the office hopefully I can post something other than a quick, boring update.

How can I be wide awake at 2:30 but then tired at 4:40? I woke up at 2:30 having just dreamt of going back to college for a year because I found out I had 1 year of cross country eligibility remaining. That must have gotten me all wound up because I tossed and turned for the next hour.

When I finally woke up it was 45 degree - too bad it included a light rain. As I took Bailey for her walk/jog the rain’s intensity quickly picked up. When I got home I was wet enough that I changed shirts, jackets and pants. If I were heading right back out the door I would have been okay. However, since I would be sitting in the wet clothes for 30 minutes as I drove across town I thought I’d better change.

Somewhere during my drive across town the rained stopped. During the first half of my run I was feeling over dressed, but then the rain came again. I was wearing some Gortex pants that I’ve had for about 20 years (and probably haven’t run in for 15). They make great snow pants when I’m playing with the kids. Apparently they don’t make such good rain pants. They absorbed the water and clung to my legs. My legs finally went numb with about 2 miles to go.

That got me thinking about what was worse; the first 4 miles of my Thanksgiving day run, 15-20 degrees into a 20 mph wind or the second half of today’s run, 45 degrees with rain into a 10 mph wind. I think I have to give it to today’s run. One reason is because when I finished I couldn’t just hop in the shower. I had to get back in my car and drive another 5-10 minutes. I dried off the best I could and got out of my wet shirt and pants, but it wasn’t enough. So give me cold and snow over rain, any day.

Oh, I made it 10 easy miles. I think I'm to the point physically and mentally where I don't have any problems running 10 miles. I don't even think about it really, I just head out the door and let my mind wander. It's a good place to be. It sure beats those 5-6 mile runs when I was just getting back into training. Those things seemed to take forever.


BuckeyeRunner said...

As much as I don't like winter running, I have to agree with you on the snow v. rain debate. Nothing is worse that waterlogged shoes that get heavier and squishier with each step!
Nice blog! You're quite a runner!

E-Speed said...

I agree. Snow is better than rain for sure.

Mike said...

As far as getting to the point where 10 miles doesn't even phase you, it sounds like Ron Daws talking about becoming "full of running". Keep up the good work, sorry about the weather. We're below freezing here in the a.m. for a change.

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

I'm with you on the snow. Snow and 20 mph wind is much better than rain (with or without wind).

Just thinking about soggy pants clinging tot the legs makes me cringe - I'd rather have fingernails on a chalkboard.