Monday, November 21, 2005


37 points for the Badgers, 105 for Arkansas and 178 for Notre Dame. A 68-point margin of victory. I wonder what the record is.

The Badgers placed 5 in the top 17, 6 in the top 18 and their 7th runner was 58th overall. If you add up their score using their 3-7 runners (instead of 1-5) they would have scored 91 points and still won the meet.

Men's Team Results

Men's Individual Results

On the women's side, Stanford upsets #1 ranked Duke. Who coaches Stanford? Former women's coach for the Badgers, Peter Tegan.

Women's Team Results

Women's Individual Results


Anonymous said...

Pretty fantastic for the Badgers. Now I can say I witnessed 2 of their 4 nat'l championship runs (82' and '85). I'm sure it was exciting.

As for scoring records, 2003 for margin of victory, and 1981 for lowest score. Badgers in top 10 for both this year.

Chad said...

Thanks Peter. I saw some of the same stats on too. It's interesting that UTEP had 17 points in 1981, but the Badgers won in 1982. Were all the UTEP runners Seniors or what?