Thursday, October 13, 2005


I was planning on writing this post on October 3rd. I swear I have it written down somewhere that I started running on October 3rd, 1979. However, my first training log “describes” runs from October 13th, 1979 through August 27th, 1980. I put describes in quotes because only 3 things are listed; Date, How Far, and Time. That first entry looks like this:

Date – Oct. 13, 1979
How far – 4 mile race
Time – 34 min. 36 seconds.

This log book is actually a 3” x 5” spiral notebook with the words “Jogging Diary” scrawled across the cover – 3 different times (for emphasis, I guess). There’s even a stick figure of a guy running. Keep in mind that I was 10 years old at the time. If I had ever achieved running fame, this would probably be for sale on ebay. Actually, no it wouldn’t

Even after 26 years I still tend to learn things from each season. Here are a few of the things I learned (or re-learned) this year. Of course, most of these have already appeared on my blog at some point.

Periodization is important. I’m used to taking down time in the fall when the main racing season is over. I have to do a better job of taking more time off after the spring racing season, especially if I run a spring marathon.

After watching TCM this year I realized that “no one” runs well in the heat and humidity. I always thought it was just me.

If I want to race well (relatively speaking) in the heat I need to incorporate Ron Daws’ theory of training in the heat first. That means wearing extra clothes during practice. Daws liked to show up at hot races and see his competitors sporting a nice tan. Then he knew he had an advantage.

I need to do a better job of explaining what plan I’m following, where I’m at in the plan, what I hope to accomplish, what was actually accomplished, etc. Just recording each run in a log book is not enough. I need an easier way to go back and see what worked and what didn’t.

I’m not 16 or 26 any more. If I cut my mileage, I must cut my calorie in-take too. If I start sharpening for upcoming races and gain 5-10 lbs, no amount of speed work is going to make up for the added weight.

I’m sure there are more lessons than that, but that’s a good start.


D said...

I'm impressed with the 10 year old that kept a running!!

Thomas said...

You ran 4 miles in 34 minutes in your first run as a 10 year old? Wow! That's impressive!
[so, what held you back since then ;-) ]

Chad said...

Susan, I don't know how you can handle that year around. Maybe if I grew up there, it'd be different. It sounds like your love affair with food and wine must end if you want to lose 15 lbs in the next 4 months.

dgc, my dad kept a log, so I was probably just copying him.

Thomas, I don't think it was certified. ;-) And I'm still trying to figure out what's holding me back. I must have peaked too soon.