Monday, October 31, 2005


Now that I tried my headlamp out last week, I don't need it due to day light savings ending. It looks like there are 2 sides to every story. The morning runners are happy because they can see again, while the evening runners are upset because now they have to run in the dark. Oh well, in a month we'll both be running in the dark and we'll be envious of those day-time runners.

During my mile run with my dog, my legs felt like lead - probably because I was running only 8 hours after my last run ended. That's like doing a two-a-day and my body is not ready for that. But then I was surprised by how good I felt during the main portion of my run. I went another 7 miles with the first half at 8:30 pace and the second half at 8:00 pace.


Chad said...

I have no idea. I just went to the template tab and followed the directions you sent to me. Do you think it's possible to cover up the star by sliding the header to the left or shrink the image so it ends where the green box ends?

E-Speed said...


you can go to the star image and save it to your desktop.

then just edit out the star. save it and post it somewhere like Flickr and modify your template code to reference the new pics location.

Chad said...

You guys are too smart for me. Maybe I need an HTML for dummies book for Christmas. Thanks for the advice Elizabeth, I'll see if I can figure it out.

E-Speed said...

No problem Zeke.

Check it out:

Go to your template and replace

with this:

Let me know if that works!

Chad said...

Hmmm, that made the star disappear.

E-Speed said...

Sorry I was confused about what you wanted! I see you got it fixed! Awesome!