Monday, October 10, 2005


I slept in this morning thinking I’d run on the treadmill during Monday Night Football. A “funny” thing happened when I got home. I had no desire to run, so I didn’t. And it felt good. I just sat on the couch and flipped back and forth between baseball and football.

Just so it wasn’t a total waste, I read Daws’ chapter on Peaking (now that I don’t really need it for this year). Again, he mentions something that I’ve been thinking lately. He quotes Marty Liquori, “My recommendation is that you pick one big race to be the ultimate test for the season.” I take “season” to mean spring and fall, not just once a year.

The reason I’ve been thinking about this is that the 5k and 10k races I have/had planned just aren’t “doing it” for me. There’s no build up or excitement surrounding them like there is a marathon or a conference, state or national meet. It’s really got me thinking that I need to have some big event each spring and fall to really gear my season towards. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a marathon, but I think it has to be an event that has some hype or at least some meaning to me, like my alumni meet, a large 10k or some type of series of races that I’m entered in. I haven’t worked out the details yet, just thinking “out loud.”

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