Saturday, October 08, 2005


I’ve been finding it hard to do speed workouts during the week days lately. Maybe it’s because my training group isn’t getting together any more, maybe it’s due to the cool mornings or the sun setting earlier. Whatever the reason, I decided to do a track workout today. I figure with sunny skies, a light to moderate breeze and temps in the mid-50s, I wouldn’t have any excuses.

My last track workout was 11 days ago and I managed 6 x 800, averaging 2:48. Today I thought it’d be better to sacrifice a little speed in order to increase the quantity. I thought 8 reps would be good, maybe 10 if I felt great. Looking back that was very optimistic. After 3 reps I thought if I made it to 6 I’d be happy. During the 4th rep all my thoughts were negative. Finally after my 5th rep I came to my senses. Why be miserable if I don’t have to? I realized that I have no desire to do any 5k races this fall and I stepped off the track.

I’m more excited about what lies ahead for next year than I am about how I’d do in a 5k this year. So I’ll run a 10k this weekend, mainly because it's a small race in my hometown. After that, I'll call it a season and take 1 week off for sure, maybe 2.

Yes, that’s my final answer.

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