Thursday, October 20, 2005


Okay, here’s a blogger question for those that care to answer. What’s the best way to respond to comments left on your site? I see some people (like me) respond with another comment, some people go to the commenters blog and leave a comment there, others email responses. What is the proper etiquette?

I finally got off my ass this morning and “exercised.” I rode my bike 8 miles and wrote down where the half and/or miles occur. The ride was a good reminder of how poor my circulation is in my hands and feet. It was about 40 degrees out, but being on the bike made it feel colder.

I mentioned to my wife possibly running the Chicago Marathon next year and she was all for it. We’ll see.

The other day I wrote about my first training log, a spiral notebook. Last night I was going through my first “real” log book, “The Runner’s Handbook Traning Diary” by Bob Glover and Jack Sheperd. It was a great book. I wonder why they stopped publishing it.

The spine is all broken and it looks like there are a bunch of pages missing. The first entry is October 9th, 1982. That’s over 2 years since my last entry in my spiral notebook, so something has to be missing. Anyway, there’s still a lot of “good stuff” in this log book. I used to count my “week” as 7 days of running, not necessarily (or not likely) 7 days in a row. I’d only write down the days I ran. So while I may have been running 25-30 miles per week – it probably took me 15-20 days to get there.

At the time I lived in Northern Wisconsin and there weren’t a lot of road races around. We basically ran the same 6-8 races every summer. In 1983 there’s a stretch from July 15th to August 7th where I ran 8 times and 5 of them are races. A month later I was running my first cross country season. And you wonder why Lydiard says we race too often in the U.S.

This is getting kind of long so I’ll end with just one Daws quote today. “When you make up your training as you go, perhaps waiting to see how you feel before you train each day, it’s much like looking at individual pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and trying to imagine the picture.”


Will said...

Seems the point of comments is so that everyone can see the readers' feedback. So anything worthy of response, IMHO, ought to be answered right there in the comments.

Chad said...

Well Susan, if I wrote something official and you're "not very good at following rules" it sounds like you'd just ignore what I wrote. ;-)

Will, I agree. Then again, you choose to have people email you their comments.

brent said...

i'm lazy about responding to comments so a lot of times i do nothing. i try though. i think i subscribe to too many blogs right now but its hard to cut back after you start following someone's progress.
if i write a comment in someone else's blog, a lot of times i'm too lazy to go back and see if the person responded (like this one, i'll forget to go back and check to see if you responded etc). from what i have observed it's about evenly split between: people respond in comments, email a response, or do nothing.

D said...

I answer on my blog and on other people's blog. I can't imagine that there is a right answer. It makes the most sense to answer on your own blog so everyone can follow the bouncing ball. hmmmm....

Chelle said...

I think it depends on the context. If it's an ongoing discussion that everyone can participate in, then it belongs in the comment box. If it's a more personal question or comment, then it probably makes sense to e-mail them back or answer on their blog.

You possibly running Chicago or your wife running it? You can race baby joggers!

I'm pretty sure they DO still publish the Runner's Handbook Training Diary. I could swear I saw if for sale at the Road Runner's Club this past Saturday.

Chad said...

That would be me running Chicago and my wife not being opposed to the idea.

I'll check it out and see if the diary is still being printed. I wonder how it's changed in the last 25 years.