Tuesday, December 06, 2011


I’ve always said it takes about 3 weeks of running, after a layoff, for things to start feeling somewhat normal. As I was walking around the office this morning I was thinking “I feel somewhat normal.” So I looked at my recent training and it’s been 20 days since I ran my “test mile” to see how my foot would respond. During those 20 days I’ve run 18 times for a total of 114 miles – that nearly matches the 167 miles I ran in the previous 5 months.

I have to remind myself not to watch the local weather reports. Last night I watched the weather report and they led me to believe we’re in store for a cold blast. Sure things have been mild lately and what’s in store will be about 10 degrees below average, but there’s no need to start hibernating yet.

Another thing I’ve always said is that if you dress correctly, 15-20 degree days are perfect. That’s what it was for this morning’s run and I really enjoyed it. I was chilled for the first 5-10 minutes, but after that it was very pleasant.

I finally got around to conducting another interview. Hopefully I can keep them rolling throughout the winter.

And finally, the other day I posted a bunch of links to other top Minnesota bloggers. Well, here’s one more for you to check out.

Quote of the Day;

“My goal always has been since turning 50 to every year to try to run as close as possible to my last year’s times. If I accomplish that I feel like I am racing well and had a good year.” - Denny Jordan.

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