Friday, December 23, 2011


If I had been running all year, I’m sure I’d be looking forward to skiing. However, given that I wasn’t able to run much the second half of the year, this lack of snow hasn’t really bothered me. Now I’m to the point where I’m enjoying the fact that we’re going to have a short winter.

The only thing really different with this week’s training from last week’s is that Tuesday was long intervals, instead of last week’s short intervals. I did 5 x ½ mile between 6:44 and 6:49 pace with ¼ mile jog in between. It’s probably no surprise, but the longer intervals felt easier than last week’s ¼ mile intervals. I followed that up with a 10-mile trail run on Wednesday and a super easy 4-mile run on Thursday.

Today I hit the treadmill again for 8 miles, including 4 miles at 7:03 pace. It’s hard to compare last week’s 4 miles at 7:08 pace to today’s run because last week I was outside. Given my relative lack of fitness, I’m hoping I see some pretty significant gains pretty quickly.

Okay, there are lots of cool videos popping up lately, mostly related to the Olympic Trials Marathon. Below are some of my favorites. Speaking of the Trials, did you see that Galen Rupp threw his name in the mix? And now Jen Rhines has decided to run the marathon too. Things just got more interesting!

Here’s Minnesota’s Runner of the Year, Chris Erichsen.

Brooks-Hansons Distance Project – Desi Davila and Mike Morgan.

Scott McPherson going all “Quenton Cassidy”.

Jen Rhines talking about NYC and her decision to run the Trials.

New Run Junkie episode.

Finally, “The Chase”.

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