Thursday, December 01, 2011


Given my knee and foot issues recently, I knew I hadn’t been running much. Yesterday I took a look at my log book and was surprised to see how little it's actually been. In the last 20 weeks I’ve run a whopping 167 miles. Granted I did P90X for 2 months and roller skied for 2 more months, so I’m not brutally out of shape. However, those activities don’t necessarily lead to running fitness. I already knew this but yesterday’s run was a reminder. I strapped on my Garmin and headed out for a comfortably hard run. The first half was controlled at just under 8-minute pace, when I turned around I “put the hammer down” – all the way down to 7:28 pace. It felt good to be running hard again, even if it wasn’t as fast as I’d like.

My main concern is that my right knee still feels wonky. You’d think with what little running I’ve been doing, that it’d heal. Instead, there’s basically a dull ache pretty much all the time. I do wonder if it’s structural. I guess I’ll continue running until it gets worse.

Finally, here’s the latest episode of Run Junkie;

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And don’t forget to check out Espisode #9 of the Ryan Sutter series. In that episode he works with Dathan Ritzenhein on some drills to ensure that he’s properly warmed up for key workouts and races.

Quote of the Day;

“I’ve come to believe that the majority of your satisfaction should come from your present circumstances, and a lesser amount should be reserved for what you hope to be.” - Joey Keillor

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Beth said...

Sorry that your knee is feeling strange. Your are still pretty wicked fast, so hopefully it's not too serious. Thanks for your comment on my blog. A lot of my running friends think I'm crazy, so having someone who knows what they are talking about say that I'm on the right path is really nice.