Wednesday, December 07, 2011


There’s nothing too exciting to report with my running. After two easy days of 5 miles, I’m planning on 7-8 tonight on the treadmill with 3-4 at a tempo pace. Since I don’t have anything else to report, I’ll just share some more links.

Here’s the latest edition of Run Junkie;

And Ryan Setter’s episode #10 is now available. In this episode he gets to run with Shalane Flanagan as he prepares for the NYC Marathon.  I think these are interesting.  Has anyone else been watching this?

Here’s a video about gals trying to qualify for the 2012 marathon trials. As someone mentions in the video, it’s hard to believe women weren’t allowed to run marathons, what 40-some years ago. Heck, they weren’t even allowed to run the marathon in the Olympics until 1984. Unbelievable.

And speaking of qualifying for the trials, HERE is a nice write up about trying to qualify at Cal International Marathon last weekend.

Quote of the Day;

“We cruised on, mile after mile. The energy among the group of women was electrifying. Unlike half-marathons I had run we were not there to win. We were not there to beat each other. We were there to qualify, and because of the one unified goal we helped each other.” – Kristen Carter

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Unknown said...

Have fun with your 7-8 miler. I plan on doing that tomorrow. hopefully the weather holds up.