Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Watching all the NYC Marathon coverage over the weekend has definitely moved that race up my list of must-do races. I know I mentioned that the Chicago Marathon was live-streamed this year. But honestly, the coverage at NYC is head and shoulders above any other marathon. Not only is it streamed live, but they also have tons of other live segments, as well as on-demand videos leading up to the race, as well as post-race. Great job, NYRR.

Since I don’t have much to write about running at this time, it seems like sharing links and videos is the way to go.

I found a couple of new Team USA Minnesota member blogs, so I thought I’d compile a list;

Matt Gabrielson
Josh Moen
Meghan Peyton
Emily Brown
Andrew Carlson
Heather Kampf
Chris Rombough
Matt Llano

Awhile ago I found a tribute to Sammy Wanjiru that my college coach wrote for Track & Field News.

While digging around on the T&FN website I came across a photo gallery of the last 10 or so NCAA champs for men and women. It’s kind of cool to look back over the last decade. I think they should try to find as many past champions as possible and add them to the gallaries.

Quote of the Day;

"My plan was to push the limits, push my body. Our Kenyan bodies are not used to a slow pace, and a slow pace would have been suicidal.” – Sammy Wanjiru


Unknown said...

It's a shame that where I live in Upstate NY there was no tv coverage of the Chicago Marathon...but of course I could see some boring Senior PGA tour event..

Chad said...

I don't think Chicago was on TV here either. I just watched in online.