Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Quick update on my foot; I don’t have a stress fracture. The foot feels about 98% and I could probably start running on it again. However, with no running races on the horizon, and since I have the ability to roller ski and bike/spin, there’s no reason to rush back.

What’s been bad for my running has been awesome for my skiing. I’ve already spent more time roller skiing this year than I spent on real skis all of last year. I try to stay on as flat terrain as possible for roller skiing. While that doesn’t help me work on my hill climbing, it helps keep me upright. I think it has also helped me figure a few things out when it comes to technique. When you’re on similar terrain on roller skis, you don’t have the same variations on the ski trails that come with the terrain and the snow conditions, so you can really feel the things that make you go faster. I feel like I’ve made improvements with the timing of my arm swing, getting my hips forward, and getting my weight over my glide ski and letting the ski do the work. I can’t wait for the snow to start flying.

Cool story of the week; while in New York City for the marathon, Minnesota’s own Erin Ward ended up rooming with the women’s champion, Dado Firehiwot.

A few years ago I used to mention the Runnerville website that used to post podcasts with Toni Reavis. It was a great site, but it disappeared as quickly as it showed up. This morning I came across House of Run, another website with running podcasts. I’m currently listening to Flotrack’s Ryan Fenton (one of the guys from the Run Junkie videos I’ve been posting) discuss his thoughts on NCAA X-C nationals.

I haven’t listened to any of their other podcasts, but I’ll check them out. I do like the bio the guys wrote up;

Mediocre high school runners turned podcasters, Jason Halpin and Kevin Sully, co-host the weekly House of Run podcast. Jason and Kevin analyze and discuss the latest news from the world of track and field, road racing, cross country. If running is a metaphor for life, then this podcast is pretty much about your life.

I can relate to the “mediocre high school runner” part.

Quote of the day;

“Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard.” – Anselm LeBourne, 52, old person to break 2:00 for 800m

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Unknown said...

Very true. Does not matter how good you think you are, its the work and dedication that shows up on race day.