Friday, November 04, 2011


Just a quick update before I share a bunch of links with you. I had a great week of training which includes about 5 ½ hours of roller skiing (bumped my longest ski to 90 minutes) and 2 hours of biking – including my first spin class.

Since not much else is going on with me right now, I thought I’d share a bunch of link and videos I come across lately. First, here’s the latest episode of Run Junkie;

Watch more video of Run Junkie on

Flotrack has become my new Reality TV. I just go there and start clicking all kinds of videos. The other night I was watching a bunch of interviews of elites running the NYC Marathon this weekend, including Minnesota’s Jen Houck;

Watch more videos on Flotrack

My only gripe with the site is that I have to watch the same 30 second commercial prior to each video. I wish there was a way to skip it if they knew I already watched it. I will say that the commercial did pique my interest. It’s for a series that follows Ryan Sutter throughout the year while he trains for different endurance events. You may remember him from the Bachelor a few years ago.

Finally, with NYC Marathon this weekend, here’s a nice interview with Mary Wittenberg. She’s awesome for our sport!

Quote of the Day;

“Life is not a straight-up trajectory. There are going to be peaks and valleys. I remain utterly convinced today that climbing out of a valley gives you great strength and opportunity you wouldn't have had if life had continued on a straight path up. You don't always get what you want in life. You just don't. Hard work doesn't always translate a hundred percent to outcome. You have to know that in life. The journey is what matters.” – Mary Wittenberg

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