Thursday, November 24, 2011


In that Jack Daniels video I mentioned in my last post, he’s actually pretty funny. He mentions how lucky we are when we get injured. It’s not because it’s our body’s way of telling us we need a break. He says it’s because it extends our running careers because we tell ourselves “Just wait until I get back in shape, man, I am going to tear it up.”

That’s where my mind is at right now – looking ahead to getting back into shape and tearing it up.

Last year I wrote a lot about not wanting to look back on my "career" and just see a bunch of 5K and 10K performances, with some marathons mixed in. So I started putting together a list of other things I wanted to try. I have marked a couple of things off my list and now I find myself missing road racing. Or maybe I’m missing being in the shape I was when I was racing more than I am now.

At the time, it seemed like I was never as fit as I wanted to be and I never seemed to be as fast as I wanted to be either. I was consistently so-so. Looking back, I can see that I was really just taking my fitness for granted. Being able to consistently run 30-minute 8Ks and 1:25 half marathons should have provided satisfaction, rather than frustration because I wasn’t running 29 minutes and 1:23 consistently.

Now I find myself struggling to get fit and stay healthy. Thoughts of running those old times are now appealing, but seem light years away. With these thoughts on my mind lately, it has me considering 2012 and actually putting together a road race season - complete with a training plan and, dare I say it, some real goals. Jack Daniels’ video has me convinced that even when I was running well, I wasn’t nearly maximizing my training. I mean, just thinking about intervals, I haven't done a hard interval workout in probably 5 or more years. I’m curious to see where a proper training plan will put me – hopefully not in the Doctor’s office.

In addition, I’m kicking around the idea of treating 2012 like my first year of running. I won’t compare my current fitness to my all-time PRs, my times from my 30s, or even my 40s. I will only compare myself to where I am right now and I’ll seek to improve from here and get faster as the year progresses.

Quote of the Day;

“You don’t think about the finish time. It is like the Olympics or World Championships; everybody thinks about the medal. Today was like that, I was thinking who was going to finish first. Kebede is my friend but today was about fighting together. He is my friend but when you go to the race you must fight each other.” – Sammy Wanjiru


Double said...

Though you will age and gain some acceptance of running for the sheer ability to get out there, I am certain you will be destined to run training schedules at night through your head until it is impossible not to get out the door. The life cycle of running includes watching many enter and many leave, but you will not be one of them. There is always a race watched, a book read, a friend's success that makes you question if one indeed has done enough. The answer is usually no, but as the seasons roll by the willingness to get on the train is farther apart. But the train will continue to stop and see if your getting on and you will. There is always going to be some conquest and road warriors will find a way to climb on for another ride. After all, it is the regiment, the dedication, the workout no one else will do that makes the ride worth it. I like being in the arena, just like matter the cost. When your ready, you'll know it and the fire can become unquenchable.

Chad said...

Great post - very true!