Saturday, November 05, 2011


Hope you were able to check out some of the links from yesterday. I totally forgot to include Carrie Tollefson's Daily cooldown;

nyrr on Broadcast Live Free

These were really good last year, and they're even better this year. As she describes it, these are sort of like the Entertainment Tonight of distance running. Her espisodes are a lot of fun, so be sure to check them all out.

Not only is it NYC Marathon weekend, but this weekend also represents the State x-c meet. I was pleasantly surprised this morning when my daughter Katie said she wanted to go and watch the meet with me. I thought she'd be a little bored having to wait 45 minutes between races. However, she did great and even seemed to enjoy the whole thing. She has expressed some interested in running x-c next year on the team I coach, so we'll see. Maybe I'll have a runner on my hands after all.

I've been having some thoughts lately about what else I can do to help improve coverage of our sport in Minnesota. I've mentioned Flotrack's Run Junkie videos a few times. I think it'd be fun to do something like that for just the Minnesota Scene. Watching today's meet has me thinking about a Running with the Buffaloes type project covering either a local high school team or a little bit of all-things Minnesota cross country. I haven't worked out a single detail, but it seems like these ideas could have some legs.

Quote of the day;

"Make friends with pain and you will never be lonely." - unknown

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Cool Video.....but i don't watch TV and don't know who half those people are:-)