Monday, August 04, 2008


Normally it just eats me up when I take a day off at the end of a month or the start of a month. I know it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but those 2 times for taking a day off just seem wrong. So imagine how I felt with taking the last day of July and first day of August off. Those are my first back-to-back days off since my Boston recovery.

Whatever bug I caught has really knocked me on my ass. I managed to run 12 miles Saturday morning, but even that was too much as I spent the rest of the day on the couch or in bed. Yesterday was a little better as I seemed to have a little more energy. Maybe holding off on my 7 mile run until 5 PM helped. Hopefully the 10 hours of sleep I got last night will help me finally shake this thing.

The good news is that my quad is feeling pretty good. Maybe having my head ready to explode has just taken my mind off my quad. Or maybe the 2 days off helped it heal.

I think I’m going to have to start ignoring the weather reports in the summer like I do in the winter. In the winter the weathermen usually talk about the bitter cold when it’s zero degrees out. This weekend they threatened we’d have temps in the 90s with high humidity. It turned out that Saturday was picture perfect; 85 with dew points in the mid-50s. And while Sunday was overcast, it was no where near 90 degrees.

I did come up with a new invention over the weekend, or at least the idea for a new invention. Sure ipods, HRM and GPS are all awesome, but I want a device that tells me when I’ll wake up. Not when I want to wake up, but when I’ll actually wake up. For example, say I like to get 8 hours of sleep. Going to bed at 11 PM is great if I know I’ll get up at 7 AM. However, if I got to bed at 11 and then am wide awake at 5 – that’s only 6 hours of sleep. Had I known I’d be up at 5, I could have planned accordingly and been in bed at 9.

Now I just need to figure out how to design such a device.

Quote of the day;

“To the best of our knowledge, research shows anabolic steroids have absolutely no effect on strength or performance.” – Dr. Dan Hanley, the USOC’s chief medical officer, prior to the 1972 Olympic Games


Anonymous said...

That ranks up there with my buddy who wanted a microwave that froze things or made them cooler.

Would be a cool device. Not sure it's the aging process or not, but I get up whenever. Such a unit would be helpful. Put it in year ear for a minute and it tells you based on your biorhytyms if you get to bed this evening between 9:15 and 9:35 you'll arise at 5:05 to 5:15, or whatever it said. That way you could tinker around and find the max time to hit the hay. Is this how it would work?

I'd also like the model telling me how waxed I'd be the following 2 days if I took the least favorable option.


Chad said...

Ah, I like the de-microwaver idea too.

Hmm, maybe biorhythms would be the way to go with this device. That can be the 'base model' then for an extra $100 you can get the advanced model that tells you the result of the least favorable option.

Anonymous said...

Ironic, isn't it, getting knocked down by a pillar?

Mark in New England