Thursday, August 28, 2008


I had a bunch of other comments about the Olympics, but now that the Games are over, they don’t seem to matter so much. However, since this is a cutback week and I don’t have much to say about my running, I’ll share them anyway.

BMX? Really? Does that mean cross-country running will make its debut in the next X Games?

I know it’s the Olympics and it’s about representing your country, but I’m really tired of all the flag draping. Here’s an idea, let’s make the athletes fashion their uniform out of an actual flag – sort of like a toga – and then compete wearing that.

Anyone else uncomfortable watching the interviews of Lolo Jones, Wallace Spearman, and Jeremy Wariner right after they fell, got DQ’d, and placed second?

And speaking of Jeremy Wariner, I really wish he would have gotten passed at the line, given how he let up and starting hanging his head before the finish line. His attitude was, if I don’t get first, then I don’t really care. Well fine - here's 4th place.

Platform diving looks “easy” – UNTIL they showed that panned back camera view where you could see the top of the platform and the water all in one image. Holy crap – that’s scary.

It’s really too easy to rip on synchronized swimming. But I’ll admit, the stuff they’re doing is pretty amazing – especially the Russian team.

I was trying to come up of a list of Olympians I’d most like to see in-person. So far it includes Michael Phelps, Kerri Walsh, and the entire women’s 4 x 400 team of Allyson Felix, Mary Wineberg, Monique Henderson, and Sonya Richards. I’m sure there are more – that’s just the initial list.

Speaking of Sonya Richards, did you guys know she’s married to Aaron Ross of the Superbowl champion New York Giants? I didn’t realize that. It was nice of NBC and Bob Neumeier to bring it up during every interview he did with her.

Quote of the day;

“You should walk off that mat with your soul gasping for air. I walked off, and I wasn't tired. And if I'm not tired, that's a problem. Wrestlers say that the most honest thing you'll ever do after a match is go back to your room and look at yourself in the mirror. I don't have to go that far to know this: I dropped the ball today.” – Dremiel Byers, Greco-Roman wrestler who was angry with himself after losing his quarterfinal match


keith said...

olympian i'd like to see in person:

blanka vlasic.

Mike said...

Usain Bolt didn't make the list? I'd think seeing a guy 6' 5" w/ that kind of leg turnover would be interesting to see. . .

Anonymous said...

My list would include LeBron James.


Chad said...

Keith, good choice - although I haven't figured out if she's hot, or just kind of weird looking.

Mike, I guess I was talking about Olympians I'd just want to see in-person, as opposed to in competition. But yes, I'd love to see Bolt in action. Heck, any sub-10 100m runner would be pretty cool.

Bart, I gave up on basketball a long time ago.