Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Last night I jumped on the treadmill for another easy 6 miles. It’s been a little easier to double up now that the Olympics are on at night – along with the Twins/Yankees. This morning I ran 10 miles on the Hyland Park trails. Maybe I just have a short memory, but I honestly can’t think of a nicer summer – weather-wise. We seem to be stuck in this pattern of 60-65 degree mornings with a dew point around 58. Even the highs for the day have only been 80-85 lately.

The other night NBC was showing a clip about Natalie Coughlin. During they were talking about how swimming had consumed her. Finally, she backed off and took up some other hobbies to help create more of a balance in her life. Now she’s swimming better and enjoying it more.

I’ve probably mentioned it before, but that’s what I need. Doesn’t it seem odd that an average 39-year-old would put so much time, effort and thought in to trying to run somewhere between 2:55 and 3:05? Maybe if I had another hobby or two, I could worry less and run faster.

Maybe I’ll take up cooking or music or gardening. Any other suggestions?

Rocky posted his all-time favorite Olympic moments. That inspired me to google this moment. I’ve posted it before, but it’s worth another look.

Quote of the day;

“The man with by far the most powerful cardiovascular engine also had a history of saying he had little physical talent. The man with the ideal, seventy-seven percent slow-twitch muscle fibers and a heart rate that hit 210 beats a minute also had a habit of dismissing the importance of all that in effective racing.” – Kenny Moore, writing about Steve Prefontaine’s belief that one’s inherent physiology could be overcome by sheer will power


Anonymous said...

My favorite Olympic moment:

Bob Beamon shattering the world long jump record in 1968.

Rocco said...

Wow. The golf cap. The come from behind win. I had never seen that before. Pretty cool. And here I thought I lilked to sit in the weeds at the start of a race. Not that I'm trying to compare my 5k races, which can be timed with a sundial, to an Olympic champion's 800 meter run.

I wonder if anyone could run an 800 m like that and win today. And by "run like that" I could mean sitting back like that or I could mean wear a painter's hat.

Chad said...

Eric, I was hoping that video had some live announcing - in English, but no such luck.

Rocco, just think of all the painter hat sponsorships out there; Behr, Gliddon, Sherwin Williams, etc.