Tuesday, August 12, 2008


When I like to balance recovering from a race, while still getting in my miles, I switch to two-a-days. So yesterday I managed two very easy 5 mile runs. And this morning I went 6 miles with four Bush Lake Road hills thrown in.

Sometimes with marathon training – as with the marathon itself – it’s hard to stay motivated for the whole way. It’s hard to watch what you eat, stretch, strength train, etc. for 18 to 24 weeks, while still running lots of miles and hard workouts. Needless to say, those ancillary activities have fallen by the wayside. Now with less than 8 weeks to go, I’m trying to get back into the swing of them. Let’s see if I can stay motivated now that TCM is drawing near.

It’s not Friday, but I have a bunch of links to share today.

Lots of people have helped with my writing and interviews, so I have no problem promoting other people’s stuff too. Early last year I interviewed Kara. Now she has started a blog about “the absurdities we moms face when we're trying to be mom, wife, employee (or employer), daughter, sister, friend, and the many other roles we take on; while making fitness fit into our lives.” And since she’s also a freelance writer, I’m guessing she’ll be able to string some sentences together – with correct spelling and grammar – unlike me and lots of other bloggers.

In case you missed it, Chris Lundstrom wrote this article regarding his thoughts on the Olympic trials. It even made the letsrun.com homepage, so you know it has to be good.

Thanks to Eric for this link about just letting anything go when it comes to doping.

Let’s do it – who cares any more. Legalize everything and let’s see what happens.

Quote of the day;

“The strength of my race was my strength, meaning late stamina. I ran thirty- to thirty-five-mile runs every two weeks. Frank (Shorter) seldom went above twenty (though he often did twenty several days in a row)." – Kenny Moore

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crossn81 said...

I got this quote today and it made me think of some of your musings lately:

"If you have a bad run, don't obsess about it. You're always going to have days when your legs feel dead."

HEATHER HANSCOM, 2004 U.S. Women's Olympic Team