Monday, August 18, 2008


All right, maybe I was a little hard on myself after last weekend’s 15K. A week later I’m feeling a lot better and more confident. It probably helps that I’m finally past the point of dredging up tons of snot and mucus during every run.

I ended up taking Friday off because I wanted to actually keep my weekly mileage under 85. I was planning doing my long run on Sunday, but family activities made Saturday the better option. I wanted to get in at least 20 miles, but since I felt so good and the weather was ideal, I ended up with my second 22 mile run of this training cycle. That gave me 83 miles for the week on 9 runs in 6 days.

Yesterday I thought I’d slog through 12 miles on tired legs, however, I felt surprisingly springy for the day after nearly 3 hours of running. Of course, all good things must come to an end and this morning’s 5 miler was a very slow shuffle.

Here are my random thoughts on the Olympics so far;

What’s with the American gymnast wearing a pink outfit? Pink, white and blue?

Why do beach volleyball players have numbers on their uniforms? Do we really need to distinguish between 1 and 2?

Speaking of numbers, is there anything more useless than the hip numbers in track? 1) they always seem to fall off and 2) they already have bib numbers on.

It turns out watching the heats of the 100 meters is boring, but it’s still better than watching that equestrian event where the horse does different strides around the ring. Holy smokes, that was painful to watch.

I can’t wait until Usain Bolt starts using ‘roids. That will be really fun to watch.

Regarding Bolt, it’s kind of scary that my boss – the guy that determines how much money I make – thought that Bolt will probably be able to garner appearance fees of $10,000 - $20,000 after his WR performance. Now I don’t know the market for sprinter’s appearance fees, but I’m assuming it’s a lot higher than that. Hopefully it reflects my boss’s lack of knowledge regarding track and field and not his ideas on salary distribution.

Quote of the day;

“I just wanted to come in and make it in. I didn't make it in automatically but I'm safe, I'm sure I'm safe. Nothing to worry about - just go relax and wait for the finals.” – Bernard Lagat, prior to finding out he missed qualifying for the 1500 meter final by two-hundreds of a second


Anonymous said...

Better tell your boss, Asafa Powell gets $100K -,8659,22839535-23218,00.html

Chad said...

Thanks for the link. Maybe my boss has also underestimated my value by 5 times...