Friday, June 27, 2008


I actually have lots to cover today. Of course, I think it’s all interesting, so I hope you’ll stay with me here. First off, I want to talk about women.

I thought that’d get your attention.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that, in general, men like to look at women – the cute ones, pretty ones, beautiful ones and, of course, the hot ones.

I have an on going debate with one of my high school friends. He claims that less than 10% of women – we’re talking like 18 – 40 years old – are attractive. I told him the percentage is higher than that. Part of the ‘problem’ behind my reasoning is that my running lifestyle is made up of beautiful, very fit women.

Sure I’ve known this for a long time, but it really occurred to me at the Grandma’s Marathon and half awards ceremony. I should have brought my high school buddy, so he’d know where I was coming from.

With all that said, I’m happy to report that it’s my 10th wedding anniversary today. While it’s always fun to look, I really couldn’t be any happier than being with my wife. She’s a perfect 10, for me. She’s the kindest, most caring, patient person I know – traits she gets from her mom, which hopefully she’ll pass on to our girls because I’m sorely lacking them.

And as they saying goes, I definitely “out kicked my coverage” in terms of the looks department. It makes me wonder why she’s stayed with me so long – 13 years total.

Normally I like to get all sweet and mushy, but since she’s probably not even reading, I’ll get back to the topic of running.

Speaking of hotties, the women’s 10,000m finals are tonight. The race starts at 9:20 Pacific, which means we’ll know who’s made the team by about midnight Central. Here are some previews from The Final Sprint, Letsrun and Down the Backstretch.

As everyone else is saying, Flanagan and Goucher should be one and two. I’m picking Goucher because I think Flanagan won’t be as concerned with winning because she’ll want to run well in the 5,000m too. Third place should be very interesting. I’m going with Katie McGregor because she’s the most experienced and she’s had her 4th place finish in 2004 eating at her for four years. Plus, she’s a Minnesotan and I’m a big homer.

Last night I was reading the latest Track & Field News and I came across some changes that I wasn’t aware of regarding who makes the Olympic Team. I figure there are other who aren’t aware of them either.

Remember 2004 when Carrie Tollefson won the 1500m at the trials, but didn’t have the A-standard? Well she was able to go to Europe and eventually earned her A-standard before the Games. This year they are not allowing for the chasing of standards. If you don’t have the A or B-standard by the end of your event, you won’t be going to the Olympics – even if you win the trials.

Also, there are 4 possible permutations regarding how many athletes go to the Olympics in an event, based on if they have the A or B-standard; A, A-A, A-A-A and B. That means we can send 1, 2 or 3 athletes with the A-standard or 1 athlete with the B standard.

And since maximizing team size takes priority, should a B-standard athlete win their event, they would be passed over for the Games by 2 or 3 A-standard athletes. That means someone like Katie McGregor could finish 4th and still make the team if one of the gals in front of her only has the B-standard. On the other hand, it means Carrie Tollefson will have to drop her season’s best 1500m time from around 4:15 to the A-standard of 4:07 in order to make her second team – finishing in the top 3 without the time standard means nothing.

I know it’s all confusing – the letsrun article linked above explains it pretty well – but it should make for some very interesting distance races. Look for the runners without the A-standard to push the pace early if they want any shot at representing the U.S. in Beijing.

Quote of the day;

“By necessity you take 10 days off your job to do the Trials properly. You give your whole life over to running, jumping and throwing. Both the watching and the discussion thereof… Your family and normal friends don’t understand, but who cares? This is your passion. Your reason for being laid out bare for all the world to see. Revel in it, my friends, for it only comes around once every four years.” – Garry Hill, editor of Track & Field News


Ryan said...

Congrats on 10 years. That's a big personal accomplishment.

I just learned she's not running - I wish Alicia Shay would have been there.

Anonymous said...

Your friend sounds like a real nice guy. 10% of women are attractive? He better look like Brad Pitt himself to be that judgemental.

Runner Susan said...

Happy 10th anniversary!