Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Well my bike ride home on Friday was a lot better – other than a sore ass from the morning’s ride. I found a side street and was able to avoid the majority of the busy road. Plus the 20 mph tailwind helped push me along.

Saturday’s workout called for an easy 18 mile run. Seeing that nearly everyone in my Saturday morning group is tapering for Grandma’s or the half, I decided to get there early and run solo for 45 minutes before hooking up with the group for the last 12-13 miles. I closed out the week with 69 miles (plus 35 miles on the bike).

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were spent at a water park in The Dells. Sunday was a zero, Monday was an easy 5 and last night I ran 8 miles with 4 at 6:41 pace. I was planning on 6 at tempo pace, which is a little faster than 6:41s, but was struggling, so I shut it down. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I just sort of feel so-so lately. Maybe adding in workouts has thrown me out of whack.

If you're not familiar with The Dells, here are the lyrics to Dream Vacation by one of the best bands ever.

Been saving now for over a year
Let's pack the kids get outta here
We'll leave behind our troubles for a week

We'll borrow the pop-up from Phyllis and Steve
Just tell the boss I gotta leave
Be the best week of our lives as I can tell
We'll take our dream vacation in the Dells

We'll see the robot world and the water show
Go anywhere you wanna go
Circus world Museum in Baraboo

We'll play mini-golf at the Jellystone
And we'll finally see that house of foam
And if the kids wanna buy a t-shirt what the hell
It's our dream vacation in the Dells

And at night when the kids is all asleep
Then off to the lounge for a nightcap we can sneak
I know our lives they ain't the stuff of dreams
But for one full week we can live like kings and queens

So let's board the dogs lock the door
We'll roll down Interstate 94
Be the best week of our lives as I can tell
We'll take our dream vacation in the Dells

Gonna take our dream vacation in the Dells

Hopefully you’re visiting Down the Backstretch on a regular basis. If so, you already know that, Madison-bound Rob Finnerty (4:01:09) broke Garry Bjorklund’s 39-year-old record (4:05.1) for the mile/1600.

You should also know that Carrie Tollefson (finally) got her 1500m qualifier on Saturday. Oh yeah, the qualifying window closed on Sunday. Hopefully her racing legs will continue to improve right through the trials.

Finally, if you’ve been following the marketing of our sport discussions lately, you may be interested in seeing this post stating that the USOC is demanding that the USATF change its structure or risk sanctions. It’s exciting news, but the timing seems a little odd as the Olympic Trials are 2 weeks away and the USATF is currently without a CEO.

Quote of the day;

“The tone of the letter is a reflection of just how seriously we take this.” Darryl Seible, USOC spokesman

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