Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Training seems to be kind of sporadic lately. Being on vacation for 3 days and going to Duluth for another 2 days didn’t help much. It seems like I’ve been moving workouts around, pushing them back or skipping them entirely. Yesterday I had a nice tempo ladder workout;

2 mile warm-up
3 miles at T
4:00 easy
2 miles at T
3:00 easy
1.5 miles at T
2:00 easy
5:00 at T
2 mile cool-down
I’m still not hitting the paces that Daniels suggests, but I feel like I’m listening to my body. Part of the problem is that my body is telling me that I need more time to get going. I should be running sub-6:30 pace for my tempos and the first mile of my initial pickup was like 7-flat. So there’s some work to do.

There are days when you want to wake up, but you can’t. And then there are days where you want to sleep in – typically, few and far between – but you can’t. After staying up till nearly 10 PM last night, I tried to sleep in today. However, since I was wide awake at 4:50 I just got up and went for a nice 10 mile trail run. I felt surprisingly good, given yesterday’s workout.

I’ll close today with a couple of links. Kristen Lehmkuhle has updated her journal. In it she describes her frustration with a stress fracture and trying to squeeze in a 10,000m qualifier before the trials.

And speaking of the 10,000m trials, the women’s final is this Friday night at like 9:40 Pacific. Katie McGregor, who finished 4th in this event in 2004, has a nice interview HERE.

Quote of the day;

“I eat whatever the guy who beat me in the last race ate.” – Alex Ratelle


Anonymous said...

Chad --

Your two links today are great reminders about how lucky we are to have Team USA MN runners here in town.

Every time I run into them at races, at the stores they work in, wherever, they are always very approachable and friendly (just this past weekend at Grandma's we ran into Katie and had a nice conversation with her and were able to wish her well for the 10,000).

That goes a long way towards building interest and enthusiasm for runners for newbies like me. (Of course, being married to a great runner helps, too.)

Thanks for posting all of the links to all of the MN runners' interviews and journals -- it helps keep the interest up. I am looking forward to cheering them on while watching the Trials.

Adam said...

For what it's worth ... I've also found the Daniels tempo pace to be a little intimidating at the start of a training cycle. I have also found that I can hit the target pace times, that it's almost more of a mental adjustment to dealing with discomfort than a physical thing. Good luck!

Chad said...


I remember running Gma's one year and glacing to my left around mile 22 and seeing Katie standing there. Glad you enjoy the links. And, again, nice job on Saturday.

Adam, everytime you leave a comment I find myself agreeing. I'm guessing if I ran my tempos on a track I'd be a lot closer to the suggested times. It's all in my head. And nice job to you too - and I think I saw your wife's name in the results too.