Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yes, he’s back yet again. Evan moved about a year ago and he’s been back 4 times already. And it’s not like he just moved to Wisconsin. He’s back in New Zealand! Anyway, we met yesterday for a 10 mile trail run.

One thing about Daniels’ program is that he provides 2 key workouts per week and then lets you fill in the rest with easy days. One thing I like about Pfitz’s plan is his medium-long mid-week runs. Whenever possible, I want to incorporate those into Daniels’ plan. So today I was up early for a 15 mile trail run. It was a beautiful morning; 55-60 degrees, low dew points, clear, no wind – just me and the latest podcast from the Toni & Matt Show.

The trials are just over a week away, so you’ll probably read more about that here. Yesterday I read the Jen Rhines is going to focus on the 5K. That’s interesting because she made the Olympic Team in the 10K in 2000 and the marathon in 2004. Being able to drop down in distance at the age of like 34 would be very impressive. It’s nice to see her out of the 10K because it makes it somewhat easier for someone like Katie McGregor to make the team.

Yesterday I should have mentioned that Carrie Tollefson still has to wait and she if she’s invited to run the 1500 and/or 5000 at the trials. She’s on the tail end of provisional qualifiers, so she could be in or out based on the number of runners they allow in each event. I’m not sure when that final decision is made, but it’d be nice to see an updated list of athletes that’ll be at the trials. I’ve seen a USATF list that doesn’t weed out who’s not running in an event. And I’ve seen a Track & Field News list that was not accurate.

Scott Bush and the folks at Mile Split had this nice photo of Rob Finnerty after his 4:01 mile. That’s an interesting shirt that he’s wearing. And does anyone else wonder why they even bother giving athletes flowers after their victory? Every time I see it on TV the athlete just chucks them into the stands.

Quote of the day;

“It really gives me a sense of belonging. For a long time I felt like with the top guys in the country, I was just outmatched. But this changes things a little bit.” – Rob Finnerty, after running the 7th all-time fastest mile in the U.S.


Anonymous said...

So I'm not the only one who can't figure out whether Carrie is in the trials. This is part of that marketing problem for track & field (and road racing) you've talked about many times. I can't find a single, easy-to-use repository of info to become a better fan of running.

Chad said...

Brian, it looks like our complaining paid off, USATF just updated their site tonight.