Friday, June 13, 2008


I made it – barely. I decided to park at Lake Nokomis and follow the Parkway to the lakes and onto the Greenway. That was all a piece of cake. Heading down Shady Oak Road was another story. Anyone who’s run the Ron Daws 25K knows this road. Well, picture that with road construction. It’s only about a 2 mile stretch, but it was dicey. I guess at some point you have to trust the motorist around you. Luckily at 7 AM there weren’t a lot of cars. 5 PM could be a different story.

The bike portion was like 17-18 miles. If I look at biking to work as just another mode of transportation of getting to work, it doesn’t make any sense because the whole process is very inefficient. I had to drive 15 minutes in order to bike 1:15. However, if I think of it as any easy day of exercise, it seems to make sense.

Fridays I’ve been trying to post links to what’s going on in the sport, but I don’t have much today. I have been visiting this site and watching the videos as they track the professionals training in Madison. Maybe it’s more interesting if you grew up in cheese land. Anyway, I find this type of blogumentary really interesting. Given the way our sport is set up, it seems like a great way for athletes to generate interest in what they’re doing and connect with fans better.

Finally, here’s a link to my latest interview.

Oh yeah, I’ll be in The Dells from Sunday to Tuesday, so who knows how much blogging (and running) I’ll be doing.

Quote of the day;

“The single most horrible thing that can happen to a runner is to be beaten in the stretch when he is still fresh. No matter who I was racing, I tried to force myself to the limit over the whole distance. It makes me sick to see a superior runner wait behind the field until 200 meters to go, and then sprint away. That is immoral. It’s both an insult to the other runners and a denigration of his own ability.” – Ron Clarke

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