Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Believe it or not, I don’t have much to say today. I ran an easy 10 miles this morning with some strides thrown in. My hill phase is only 1.5 weeks away, so I did a couple of hill repeats on one of the hills I plan on using. Since I’ve been on the treadmill a lot more lately, I want to make sure that my body is somewhat accustomed to the strain of hills.

Thanks to Kim for forwarding this article on Carrie Tollefson. It includes two of my favorite photos – and no, the first one is not one of them. The article mentions that Tollefson led the 1500 Olympic trials from start to finish, but if I remember correctly, Jen Toomey passed her in the homestretch and then Tollefson battled back to win.

Quote of the day;

“Athens I loved it, even though I was in pain. I was almost taking it in as if I were a spectator. I was looking at these athletes forgetting I was one of them. Now, it's time to go back and dig deep and see what I'm made up.” – Carrie Tollefson

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Anonymous said...

I think Carrie's great, but I think her strength is the 5000, not the 1500. She lacks the real leg speed needed in the final 200 meters that to compete with the worlds best. She won that 1500 because she took the kick out of everyone else. Foreign women will sit on her heels for 1400 meters and kick by her on the final stretch. I see her as the female equivalent of Pre...who won a lot of races, but was victimized by lack of a finishing kick in the final 200 meters at the Olympic 5000. When you have speed like Carrie (and Pre) the way to win is to push hard from the beginning, suck the legs out of everyone, and win a fast race. It hurts to do it that's not easy. But if you are fast and strong, but lack a kick, it's the only way. Just one guy's opinion.