Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I knew it wouldn’t last. After yesterday’s run, I was on-pace for 8,784 miles in 2008. An easy 5 mile recovery run this morning means I’m now only on-pace for 5,307 miles. Of course that’s not going to happen either, but I would like be around 3,500 in 2008. One of the things I’m going to shoot for is having another base-building effort – similar to this winter – during June, July, and August. Running Boston in April, as opposed to Grandma’s in June, should help make this possible.

While I enjoyed the holidays and cashing in on some vacation, running-wise, it’ll be nice to get back into a routine. Normally, I like to do similar types of training on the same days from week to week. Well with the holidays, that went out the window. You can see the results by looking at my latest 7-day rolling graph – the last three weeks or so look like a saw blade.

Just as I plan on getting back into a running routine, I hope to get back into a blogging routine. Simply posting updates regarding my training is kind of boring. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of doing some interviews too, as I’ve been slacking in that department lately.

Quote of the day;

“The Boston Marathon is a race that is not competed against other athletes but raced against a supreme being. The Boston Marathon is bigger than life. It’s a feeling like no other.” – Jim Knaub, five-time wheelchair champion

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