Monday, December 17, 2007


I can still remember reading Lydiard’s schedule for 100 mpw on singles and not seeing any feasible way of making that happen. No matter how I moved the days around or added up the mileage, 100 miles on 7 runs just didn't make logistical sense. While I still haven’t made it happen, I was within spitting distance last week with 95 miles on 7 runs. I should probably put a big asterisk by that week in my logbook because I don’t see a week with runs of 20, 17, 15, and 15 becoming "the norm."

After three Saturdays in a row of 13 miles, I figured I’d end the week with another 12-14 miler and get somewhere between 90-92 miles for the week. I guess I forgot to tell my training partners. We ventured out on routes unknown and I ended up with 17 miles. Best of all, I got to run with Erin and Angie, who are some of the best local gals around, for the first time ever. Hopefully our 7:30 AM start time doesn’t scare them off and they’ll come back.

During the run I encountered one of those be-careful-what-you-wish-for moments as we passed (going the opposite direction – obviously) Carrie Tollefson, Katie McGregor, Emily Brown, and at least one other Team USA Minnesota gal.

Anyway, after my big week I really had no expectations for Sunday’s run. While I’ve been trying to follow-up my stronger-paced Saturday runs with a long run on Sunday, I didn’t think trying to do that yesterday would be wise. And even if I wanted to, I don’t think my body/mind would have let me. As soon as I started running, they immediately began to protest. Thoughts of a 12-14 mile run quickly dropped to 10, then 8 and finally 6 miles. I figure with my body screaming at me for a rest day, I better pay attention to it rather than my logbook.

This morning I ran an easy 8 miles with some strides. With the Vikings playing on Monday Night Football I figure that's a good enough excuse to jump on the treadmill for some type of up-tempo run tonight.

Finally, for those of you with kids that are going through the whole High School Musical phenomenon, I just wanted to let you know that "HSM on ice" is actually really good. As Katie said afterwards; “That was so awesome.”

Quote of the day;

“You have to believe in the training effect, the astonishing physiological principle that says the organism improves in response to stress.” – John Jerome, The Elements of Effort

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