Tuesday, December 18, 2007


With all my talk (or writing) about trying to follow-up harder runs with longer runs the following day, it can feel a little disheartening to have thoughts of a 12-14 miler dwindle to only 6 miles last Sunday. However, I have to remind myself that things can work in the other direction too.

Last night I was thinking I’d double back with 8 miles while watching MNF. However, I was feeling so good, I ended up doing a 12 mile progression run at 7:15 pace. Combine that with my easy 8 miles in the morning and I had a 20-mile day.

Thinking back to two years ago when I was doing some high mileage, I can remember thinking that it was more of a mental barrier than a physical barrier. Of course, I probably didn’t maintain the high mileage long enough at the time.

I haven’t mentioned anything about nutrition lately. That’s because I haven’t been paying any attention to it. My new goal is to "save" my family and co-workers from as many calories as possible during the holidays by eating everything in sight. So far it’s working out pretty well. Seriously, when you go from 60 mpw to 90 mpw, you can’t expect to consume the same amonut of calories. Unfortunately, rather than make smart decisions about the extra calories, I just eat anything and everything in sight.

Thanks to Jenna for the heads up on some cool videos of the Gouchers. Jenna wants everyone to know that Adam is getting ART (something she specializes in) done on his ankle – make your appointments today. In episode #4 Kara shows the cover of the first magazine she was ever on – Minnesota Running & Track. She also has a bumper sticker on the wall that says, “I love Duluth.”

Finally, here’s my latest interview with one of Minnesota’s latest Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier.

Quote of the day;

“100-mile weeks were certainly new territory. The biggest week I logged prior to that was 66 miles. I briefly thought about injury, but mostly thought about pushing my body as hard as I could and then resting it so it could recover and rebuild. I was definitely "going for it" but I was also careful.” - Marie Sample

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