Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I’ll say it’s kind of nice having a cutback week coincide with our first significant snowfall. I don’t mind the snow, but it’s kind of like when I first start base-building – it takes few days to wrap my head around it. Yesterday’s run was tough, mentally – today’s was much better.

One of the problems with the snow is that all the paved trails in Hyland Park are not plowed. So rather then being able to run a longer loop through the park, I basically have to run out-and-back. And even that is shorter than “normal” so I have to add on here and there. I don’t know what it is about adding on, but it’s a mental drain. I’d rather just run a 10-mile loop than 9 miles with a make-shift mile added on at the end.

Anyway, I made it 11 miles this morning. Technically I’m still on my cutback week -tomorrow will be my last day. Instead of running 15 miles I’ll run about 12 miles, which will bring my rolling 7-day total to 57 miles.

Last Friday I went to a party for a bunch of my former co-workers. My former VP is a runner (I’m still convinced that’s why I was hired) and after talking with him I came up with a new life-goal; to run more miles per week than hours I work per week. So if I work 40 hpw, I should run 40+ mpw. Granted, he’s a VP and I’m an analyst, but he was talking about working 50-70 hpw. No thanks.

Quote of the day;

“Last year my problem in Berlin was with the last part of the race, I decided to run only endurance and I stopped running speedwork completely. Since last year I was just focused on endurance, three hours, three-and-a-half-hour long runs.” – Haile Gebrselassi after his 2:04:26 WR in Berlin this year


WynnMan said...

Hey Chad, well I know after talking with Larry Pederson on a drive up to Duluth, he talked about the old days in regard to the ultra races and runners that paved the way. He told me that Barney was winning everything. He also said that when reading the results of the TCM that one could scroll down for quite awhile and find a good number of runners sub3:00 hrs.

There was also a snow shoe race that ran along the ditches of the roads north of highway 8. I think it was almost if not an ultra distance. Near small towns like Cumberland, etc.. It was called the Yukon Jack.. and of course sponsored by Yukon Jack, as you would need a bottle after running anything more than a marathon in snowshoes, (the big wooden ones!).

Anonymous said...


When I access runmdra I can no longer find your blog on the main page. Why did this change happen? I still have your blog as a link on my blog so I can access it but not through the normal avenue.



Anonymous said...

You can find Chad's blog on the "Important Links" page now at www.runmdra.org or


Just doing some reorganizing....

Chad said...

Chris, you can always add my blog to your favorites or subscribe to some type of RSS feed that alerts you every time I update my blog.