Thursday, October 11, 2007


Well the desire to improve is definitely there. I feel it every morning when I’m out running. I’m excited about the prospects of training hard during the fall and winter in preparation for Boston and the rest of 2008.

I mentioned Erin’s Olympic Trials qualifying performance over the weekend. The more I think about it, and where she was a few years ago, the more inspired I am. As my friend Eric pointed out today, here’s a rough estimate of Erin’s peak mileage and her resulting marathon time;

Peak mpw - time
60 - 3:13
80 - 2:53
100 - 2:48
120 - 2:45

I’m sure there are other factors that come into play, but there is no denying that mileage plans a key role. Therefore, I’m rededicating myself to my high mileage training from two years ago. From January – March 2006, I averaged 82 mpw with a high of 100. December 2006 was another good month with 3 of the 4 weeks between 80 and 90. Then I got away from high mileage in 2007. It’s time to bring it back.

Right now I’m sitting around 50 mpw, so I have a lot of work to do. This morning I ran a nice 7 miler.

Finally, now that the grass roots effort to change the date of TCM has begun, Charlie has decided to throw Grandma’s into the mix too. You can read about it here.

Quote of the day;

“If you start to doubt yourself, remember that you're the only one. Everyone else believes that you can do it.” – Trials Qualifier Jenna Boren’s advice to Erin before her race

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