Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Well, the excitement to get out of bed at 5 AM isn’t there. I’m not sure it has ever been there. It’s more of a desire or motivation to improve. That is slowly returning.

And while I’m not eager to get out of bed to run, when I do actually drag myself out for a run I feel really good. This morning I managed 8 miles in Hyland Park. Even though it’s dark in the morning, I’m still trying to run on the dirt trails (rather than the paved paths) as much as possible. This morning I used a headlamp for the first half of the run to help see the ruts, sticks and sometimes just to keep me on the trail.

As I was exiting the park near the end of my run I saw Kristen and Jason, along with another runner that I couldn’t recognize in the dark. Heck, by the time I recognized Kristen and Jason, it was already too late to congratulate them on their 10-mile results from Sunday.

Oh yeah, just so everyone doesn’t start moving to Minnesota because it’s 85 degrees in early October, it was like 55 degrees this morning. At noon it is 46 degrees. I’m going to have to dig out my hat and gloves for tomorrow’s run.

Finally, now that my running is slowly returning to normal, I’m feeling more motivated to do some more interviews. I haven’t given up on the site, even though it’s been a month since my last posting. I recently sent questions to a guy who wants to wait till April 1st to answer and a gal that just got married – so it may be awhile before I hear back from them. I thought I’d solicit ideas from any local readers (or anyone else). If you know any Minnesotans that you’d like to see interviewed, shoot me an email at chadaustin at charter dot net.

Quote of the day;

“I didn’t think there was any chance I’d be second in this field. I thought on a good day I could slip under 48 minutes, so I exceeded my expectations on both accounts. Obviously the weather’s not perfect today, so getting under 48 minutes on kind of a rough day and get second … it’s great.” – Jason Lehmkuhle


Anonymous said...


I have a basic question that you as a longtime MN runner may know the answer to. Do you know how long the water fountains and water pumps stay on around the lakes & river in Minneapolis? I still have some long runs coming up in preparation for a Nov marathon

Patrick said...

Kirt Goetzke

Chad said...

Mike, I'm not positive, but with this weather, I can't believe it'd be much longer.

Patrick, Kirt is the April Fool.

Evan Roberts said...

Mike, in previous years they've turned the fountains off by the 2nd weekend of October. Generally they wait 'til after TCM. You're on borrowed time right now!

Adam said...

Bill Wenmark would be a great interview. He's been the race director for the Edmund Fitzgerald 100k for a couple decades. Unfortunately they couldn't put it on this year - perhaps a little press would spark some interest for next year.