Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Alright, I don’t have much time, so I’ll cut to the chase with my training and provide some links for your reading pleasure.

Yesterday was an easy 8 miles on – not surprising – tired legs. I decided to stay off the trains and run on a somewhat flatter terrain. I took advantage of being off the trails and threw in six 30 second strides.

This morning I managed 10 miles on the trails. What a beautiful morning?! 40 degrees, calm, clear – watching the sun come up over Lake Normandale as I finished my last mile was really cool. There’s something about getting up early, running for 85 minutes and not seeing a soul and finishing around 7 AM. I get the sense that I’m the only person out there training and it actually builds confidence – even though everyone else is running at other times throughout the day.

I’ve mentioned my college coach and some of his journalist work. He writes for Track & Field News, takes photos, conducts video interviews of guys like Geb and Hall. Anyway, here’s an article about his sweet gig

Runner’s World has a brief chat with Michael Reneau. Just remember where you read about him first.

Carrie Tollefson has updated her journal.

And finally, the grass roots effort to change the dates of Grandma’s and TCM has received a response from Scott Keenan, the Executive Director of Grandma’s Marathon.

Quote of the day;

“I am so thankful I am running again. The feeling I have of being able to go out the door pain free is indescribable.” – Carrie Tollefson

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